Long Term "Health" insurance in Niantic

Owning means you won't have to burden family to assist with personal functions. Plus it protects most income & saving!. 

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John C. Parker, RHU, LTCP

A look at Long Term "Health" insurance

Individuals buy this special insurance to pay for their assistance with day to day activities so those they love don't have to. Having a plan means a person can hire assistance when a change in health happens. Thus, I believe a better way to describe what they do is to call them Long Term “Health” insurance. 

In talking to individuals, as a Long Term Care insurance Advisor in Niantic, I like to emphasize a plan creates a pool of funds designated for their assistance. When they take action to buy it means they: 

    Can hire professionals to assist with day to day life functions such as eating, dressing, bathing, going to the toilet, or transferring say from a bed to a chair.


    Avoid becoming a burden on a spouse or children. A couple things:

       ˃  70% of family Caregivers have significant symptoms of depression.        

       ˃  Some people comment in this video about not being a burden! 

    Can have a sort of "umbrella" over their "hard earned saving nest egg" which will protect most of their funds. 

    Can continue to be as independent as their health situation allows. Thus, they will maintain dignity.

    Can be sure conflict won't develop between sons/daughters over having to draw from their patent's nest egg to assist one vs retaining funds so the healthy parent can continue a lifestyle close to what they had.

    Can if single - leave some nest egg dollars to a favorite organization. Leaving a legacy says to others - their funds helped others not themselves.

Another point - children won't face the difficult & emotional task of helping a parent use the toilet since professionals are there! Instead they are free to manage the professionals and care about their parent.

OK! How can a person gain these important values?

The first important step  - 

    Think about what you would like if a change of health happens. Talk to family about your desires

         ˃  This page has some points on  planning for a health change

    The second important step - take action today to review coverage options and buy a plan tailored to your interest and personal/unique situation. 

          ˃ This page has some points on the advantages of taking action today  e.g. savings! 

Call John C Parker today at 860.739.0005 to set a time to meet. The focus will be to discuss your thoughts & interest and increase understanding of how a plan helps you, Thus, a more informed decision can be made on a plan which will be best for you.  

I'll get back to you if not available. 

John is licensed to conduct business in CT (644135) and does not solicit or sell in other states. 

John's interest in Long Term Health insurance developed when both parents needed assistance. Have questions on how owning a plan means you won't burden family and your income & savings will be protected? - Send a note

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